I don’t want to focus to much on myself, but it’s customary to inform the reader of who and what they are reading.

Who Am I?
That’s a broad question, depends on who you ask and how they came to know me. Currently, I am a Coptic Orthodox Priest of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii. and I serve at St. Mary Magdalene Coptic Orthodox Church in Palm Desert, California. Before the priesthood, I was a Marriage and Family Therapist.

I am a proud father to my son, who keeps me on my toes every single day. I am a proud husband to my wife, words cannot describe the blessings and gifts that God has given to me through both of them.

As far as hobbies go, I love swimming, ice hockey, and basketball. I like to collect comics, watch superhero movies, read books and play lots of board games. I play a mean game of Monopoly and Scrabble, even the iOS versions if possible. Listening to some good old 80s and Disney songs can bring a smile to my face.

I don’t know how to write, nor do I claim to be a writer. This blog is just intended to share my own personal thoughts, brainstorm some ideas, and just write things out that happen in life. If you’re here to read, be prepared for anything from a range of spiritual articles for the soul, therapeutic suggestions for family life and marriage, and lastly, some technological and productivity articles for fun.

At the end of the day, I am just a regular guy who enjoys lots of coffee, and goes through the same struggles everyone else does. Always asking and looking for God’s hand in my life. It’s always there, but sometimes we just need to focus a bit as we wander from place to place, keeping the faith, being filled with peace and grace from Him, and awaiting to be with Him. Enjoy your visit.